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About Me

I have spent many years working with children, and wondering how to best help them thrive. I have also been through a healing journey which led me to Somatic Therapy. I learned how to heal  through experiencing my body fully. These two passions led me to obtain an MA in Somatic Counseling from Naropa University. From there I have been using Internal Family Systems therapy and Synergetic Play Therapy to help children and adults. I come to all the modalities I utilize from a Somatic lens

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My therapeutic style is warm and empathic. I do not claim to have the wisdom to heal others. However, I fully believe that every individual has the internal wisdom to heal their own wounds. I am constantly in awe of the brilliance I encounter in each of my clients. 

I feel passionately that my role as a therapist is not to fix or advise, but to help clear away that which is getting in the way of my client's capacity to be their own advisor. This shows up in my approach to working with children. I believe that parents are the people who are best suited to help their child. Therefore, I prefer to work with parent and child together to restore the power of the parent-child relationship. 

I believe that having a background in multiple modalities helps me remain fluid and flexible in the way that I approach each individual client and scenario. I look forward to connecting and discovering whether my style is a fit for your unique needs! 

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619 North Street 

Boulder, CO 80304

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